You are in Control of Your Data

From the moment you register your kit with PlexusDx, you control your data. You decide how your information is used and who it's shared with. During kit registration, you can choose to opt-in to share your data solely for research and educational purposes. We treat all data as strictly yours, and it remains private unless you decide to share it. Start your journey with PlexusDx knowing your privacy is in your hands.

Best Practices for Security

Anonymous Genetic Data

We anonymize genetic data within our own systems and store your encrypted profile data separately from your genome file.

Your Data, Your Choice

We use your genes exclusively for personalized health insights and never share your data without your explicit consent.

Unmatched Security

We exceed industry privacy protection standards with state-of-the-art encryption and HIPAA-compliant security.


Will you share my data with my insurance or employer?

No. Your data is for you, and you only.

How does PlexusDx handle my DNA sample?

Your genetic data is utilized solely for report processing, with no storage or use beyond this requirement. Rest assured, we promptly discard your sample after processing is complete.