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Improve your patients' overall health with a unique offer that requires no inventory management, all completely free.

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Improve your patients' overall health with a unique offer that requires no inventory management, all completely free.

Genetics Play an Important Role in an Individual’s Complete Health Picture

60 %
of Americans report that dietitians care about the best interests of their patients1
91 %
of Americans don’t know how much protein, fiber, carbs, sugar and salt they consume daily2
70 %
of Americans say that changing health information makes it hard to know what to believe3

Gain a Noticeable Competitive Edge

Patients are increasingly looking for more personalized care than they're currently getting. With our Precision Health Tests, you can offer a tailored nutrition approach that better meets your patients' needs.

Provide the Kind of Care Patients Need & Want

Offering genetic testing can provide highly personalized nutrition and meal plans that are tailored to the genetic profiles of your clients. This cutting-edge approach not only enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of dietary recommendations but also appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking customized solutions. This strategic addition to your services can help grow your client base, boost client satisfaction and retention by delivering truly personalized care.

Set Your Practice Apart with Precision

Integrating advanced technologies and methodologies can significantly differentiate your practice from others. Currently, many dietitians have not yet embraced the use of Precision Health Tests. By adopting this innovative approach, you can position yourself at the forefront of nutritional science. Differentiate your practice in a competitive market, attract new clientele, and establish a reputation for innovative and scientifically-backed nutrition counseling.

Our Tests

We currently offer state-of-the-art Precision Health Tests to help your patients optimize their wellness.

Precision Nutrition Test (NGx)

  • Discover which foods and meal plans you should be eating
  • Identify your optimal intake of macros, vitamins, and minerals
  • Uncover sensitivities to lactose, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol

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Precision Medication Test (PGx)

  • Responses to 100+ FDA-approved Rx and OTC medications
  • Evaluation of current medications
  • Identification of potential adverse drug reactions

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How much will Precision Tests cost my patients?

Set your own price for a DNA kit by pre-paying at special member rate or share an affiliate link for direct orders.

What is Precision Health and why is it important?

Precision Health is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, treatments, and practices being tailored to an individual based on their genetics, rather than one-size-fits-all.

Precision Health helps healthcare providers better understand the many things that play a role in a patient's health. Knowing a patient's genetic makeup lets them more accurately predict which treatments will be most effective and safe as well as how to prevent illness from starting. This is part of a movement in the healthcare industry, of evolving past the current reactive state to a proactive, preventative state.