Key Benefits
for Laboratories

We are at the forefront of a new era in healthcare where patients increasingly seek control over their well-being. This shift has sparked a growing demand for testing and quick results at an affordable cost.

Partnering with our lab allows you to enhance your offerings while maintaining low costs, meeting the modern expectations of healthcare consumers.

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Reference Lab Services You Can Trust

Our dedicated team understands the urgency of timely results. We go the extra mile to ensure efficiency and accuracy from a trusted partner.

Fast Turnaround & Competitive Pricing

Reduce turnaround times and increase accuracy with solutions that drive efficiency and reduce costs.

Effortlessly Expand Your Test Menu

Increase the number of tests you offer to support comprehensive diagnostic services.

Innovative Technology Powered by AI

.Our lab leverages AI and machine-learning technology to provide the most accurate DNA health recommendations. We can analyze millions of genetic variants simultaneously, enabling us to examine 100 times more of one’s genome than other leading DNA testing companies, ensuring a more complete analysis of genetic health.

83 M
genetic variants analyzed and reported, offering detailed insights into your genetic makeup
99.7 %
accuracy rate on reported results, ensuring highly reliable insights into your genetic data
50 %
less cost than other leading labs, providing you with affordable, 
top-quality genetic analysis

World-Class Laboratory

PlexusDx Labs holds full accreditation from CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and COLA (Commission on Laboratory Accreditation). These certifications mean that meet or exceed federal precision, accuracy, and validity standards.

As a trusted provider, we are equipped to handle large volumes of tests efficiently, ensuring results and reports that meet the highest standards of quality. 

Turnkey Solutions for Reference Laboratories

We provide services that enable reference labs to increase efficiency and remain competitive.

Your Trusted Partner Beyond the Lab

Our first priority is to make sure we provide the highest quality laboratory testing so you can deliver the best reports to your clients. But beyond the lab, we want to see your organization succeed. An extensive test menu, streamlined processes, quick turnaround times, in-depth result reporting, and access to a dedicated service team are just some of the benefits you get when working with PlexusDx to set your lab up for ongoing success.

Benefits Without Compromising Quality

Clinicians desire a quick, dependable, and cost-effective solution. Timeliness is likely the most significant of these qualities as it fulfills a functional need while communicating quality. Partnering with PlexusDx means the ability to process high volumes of tests, delivered back to you fast, with lowered cost, while maintaining high quality and accuracy.

Expand Your Test Menu 
& Generate Revenue

Our reference lab service allows on-premise labs to offer a more extensive variety of testing through our lab-to-lab partnerships. We work behind the scenes as a silent partner with you exclusively and do not communicate with your customers unless requested to do so by you.

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